Mount Nebo State Park Session

Dailyn’s vision for the shoot was, and I quote, “August by Taylor Swift” GIRL !!! SCREAMING !!! My swiftie heart burst with JOY!! So, we decided Mount Nebo State Park was the perfect spot to bring this vision to life! Thinking about the Folklore Album cover, we needed woods with tall trees. But also a spot with an epic overlook. Mount Nebo has BOTH! Cue the dang confetti, because we love to see it!

Second Day shoots, Day after shoots, Adventure shoots; all the same thing! It’s a photo session after (or sometimes before) your wedding day where you and your husband get all dressed up in your wedding attire AGAIN and go somewhere epic and unique from your venue. 

I am and will always be the biggest advocate for these! I had one myself and it’s the best decision I ever made!

Dailyn and Hayden’s wedding was at Harmony Gardens in Jonesboro (view that wedding here), but they were craving somewhere deep in nature that reflected the beauty God made in this world. 

PRO TIP: Arkansas State Parks are the way to go. The overlooks are mostly walk up, and there are so off the beaten path that add a realm of uniqueness. 

Do these images give you August vibes? I think we knocked it out of the park <3 

Mount Nebo Photo Session



  1. […] I was so sad when we wrapped up our time together, because they truly became some of the sweetest friends. BUT! Have no fear, we got to have a second day session together at Mount Nebo State Park in Arkansas! Check out that session here! […]

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