Growing up in a small town, gave me such gratitude toward family unity, nature, and relationships.

I started as a wedding photographer, seeing two people come in unity as a career reminds me every time how big God is.

About Me

I am passionate about making sure your wedding day + all the days leading up to it are seamless.

You deserve to spend more time preparing for your marriage + being immersed in the goodness of God + your future husband than being stressed + overwhelmed with the details + trying to make everyone else happy.

The Wedding Process

Brand Photography

Brand photography bloomed from seeing a need in the business world. I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Marketing and Small Business Management.

I love business and the way different businesses serve, look, operate, etc. I worked as a marketing associate for a popcorn shop, floral shop, and an entrepreneurship club on campus. The thing all these opportunities had was a constant struggle to have photos to use when creating marketing material.

my journey to

Now that we've become friends, here are

three things I'm



One Tree Hill

Taylor Swift

The Spicy Chicken Sandwhich at Chick-fil-a