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Bentonville, Arkansas Engagement Session

March 2, 2022

When Calah + I were planning their session, she told me she wanted something different and not to just go to a field (not that a field is bad! A lot of her people had their engagements done in a field and she didn’t want that).

She was showing me inspo pics and some were of the couple IN the water!! I was automatically sold + ready to make this happen <3 

When I got to Lake Bentonville, there were also fields of WILDFLOWERS!! I was absolutely in awe of them.

We had the best time hanging out + capturing their genuine love in the most amazing places Bentonville had to offer.

At the end of Calah + Gus’s session she told me that I made the entire process so easy + stress-free– 

My mouth curved into a super big smile and I said “That is so amazing to hear!! That’s the goal!” 

I work really hard to make sure that your entire experience with me is a breeze! You know when you’ll hear from me, about what, and what to expect next. 

It’s SO important to me to communicate so there is ample amount of time for you + your fiance to really prepare for marriage and what marriage will bring– the good + the hard.

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