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Why you need branding photos

May 30, 2022

Branding photos are images that are personal, showcase your product/service, and SHOW YOUR FACE ultimately connecting you with more of your ideal clients. Branding photos are not solely shots of your product, while this is part of it, it’s not the sole focus, you are.

So why the heck do I need these,  you might ask? 

Well, I have THREE huge reasons quality branding photos are a MUST for your business. 

Cultivate relationship with your clients/customers

Cultivating a relationship will turn browsers into customers and customers into loyal customers. Loyal customers bring other customers. Trust has been created, and that is the most important piece!

So how do you do it? Well the answer is simple, People. Connect. With. People! Having quality branding photos that show your face will let others see you and how awesome you are! 

Imagine this: A newly engaged bride is searching for a wedding florist, (you in this scenario.) She scrolls through several profiles but you’re the only one that shows your face. She thinks  “Oh! Look! She/he’s so cool!” “I love their work.” “Whoa we have the same style”  “Aw she/he looks so kind!” Then *click* She visits your about me page to learn more about WHO you are, and then scrolls in complete awe of your work, and BAM submits an inquiry and books you the next day. 

I’m not saying this is the case every time, but what happened when she saw your face in some photos was TRUST was created. She felt like she could trust you with the service she was looking for, and THAT’S what marketing is all about, friends. Creating trust that leads to lasting relationships. 

Tell your story – business + personal

Next step in cultivating trust is telling your story. With my branding clients I ask a series of questions leading them to tell me their story of WHY they started their business, how they got to where they are, and the continued mission behind it. We include key details in their session to tell this story. 

For example, I did a session with a vintage resale owner. The name she chose for the company was James, because her grandfather’s name was James and he was the reason she started her business! So we included a photo of him and her grandmother in the session.

It doesn’t have to be over complicated, just another layer of trust added!

Visually explains the value of your product or service to your clients/customers

No matter what it is I’m looking to buy, if i can’t find a photo of the product or a quality photo, then I will look somewhere else. It’s important to show the process along with the final product! Showing where you started and how you created the final product is an awesome visual of how talented you are! Also a great testament to your client experience! Creating yet another layer of trust. 

So, branding photos are a MUST for business owners. Whether you’re in a place to invest a session or do them yourself, having them is the first step and it’s essential! 

If you can invest in them DO IT! Quality photos show that your company is valuable and worth the price, so in the long run it is absolutely worth the investment!

I would LOVE to learn about you and your business!! Please reach out to me here so we can be friends!

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