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Bentonville, Arkansas Wedding

February 22, 2022

This Bentonville, Arkansas wedding was absolutely filled with love and so much glory went to God!

Cassie + Caleb story begins when she was EIGHT!! I mean holy cow! What a start to a beautiful story <3

The Venue in Bentonville Arkansas

While that was when they met, they really got to know each other when Cassie began to attend a bible study led by Christina (Caleb’s sister.)

Cassie said they were both pretty interested right away, but they took their time getting to know one another. When I say take their time, I mean almost a whole year!

When Caleb asked Cassie to be his girlfriend, they knew quickly afterward they wanted to live life together! So, after 4 months of dating, Caleb got down on one knee at Fayetteville Square during the most magical time of the year (Christmas!!) 

Cassie + Caleb are truly the kindest people.

Cassie speaks with grace + love +  Caleb is a quiet, gentle soul. A perfect match <3

Their Bentonville, Arkansas Wedding was so incredible. Friends + family all around with the biggest smiles + voices of joy for the couple! It was a true honor being a witness + capturing the day! 

Here’s to the many years ahead of The Wilkersons!!

With love, 


P.S. Cassie MADE her dress!! Like actually HANDMADE!! I will never get over it. She is absolutely amazing!!


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