Marriage is a FEAT!

With so many decisions to be made + preparing to do, the engagement season is HECTIC! I'm sure you don't need me to remind you haha. My main focus is serving you so well that it takes stress off of your shoulders. I want you to feel excited + spend more of your time preparing for your marriage than your wedding.
When planning, be sure to check in with yourself + your fiancé. Are you making decisions based on what everyone else wants/does or based on what y'all want and what represents y'all as a couple?

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"One of the sweetest photographers ever! She really focuses on learning about you and making sure to show who you are in the photos. McLain had a wonderful balance of candid and portrait photos to truly capture the wedding day. On top of the beautiful photos, she did an amazing job at communicating with us and making sure to give us tips, suggestions, and structure so our day could go smoothly. Thank you!"

"McLain took beautiful photos"


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