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Where to Elope in Northeast Arkansas

July 19, 2022

Nowadays when you hear someone’s eloping, them running off to Vegas isn’t what comes to mind. Now it’s running off to the mountains or beach or a completely different country to say I do! I absolutely LOVE this change in society. 

So, you’re looking to elope and are located in Northeast Arkansas? You might be wondering “Where the heck do I elope in Northeast Arkansas?? Every pretty state park or mountaintop is on the complete opposite side of the state or even country!”

Well, I’m here to tell you it IS possible to elope in a beautiful and unique location right here where you are!

1- Crowley’s Ridge

This area has a little bit of everything. There’s an amazing bridge that brings a creative element, a simple field, and a small lake just down the road! Crowley’s Ridge is located just north of Jonesboro and west of Paragould! Also, there is a lodge for you + your fiancé to get ready in and/or stay in!

2- Downtown Jonesboro

Just look at these steps + the building!! The idea for this elopement was a vintage courthouse style. The best part of an elopement is making it your own and every moment being completely centered around you + your fiancé! Then, just down from here are a few really amazing restaurants and bars that would be a great way to wrap up your day!

3- The Melba Theater in Batesville

The retro theme is here, and I’m stoked for it! The Melba is a movie theater that has been a part of Batesville’s history for decades! It has recently been restored and is one of my favorite places in the town. It’s located downtown, so you would be able to get ready at Royal on Main, and head down to right in front of the theater! There are also a few other amazing spots along the way.

4- City Rock Bluff

Finally, the best overlook in the area! It is a drive up location in Calico Rock that overlooks the White River. So, if you’ve been dreaming of an overlook this is your answer! *Images by Storyteller Images

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