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What Are Second Day Wedding Shoots + Why You Need One

February 16, 2022

When you dream about your wedding what comes to mind first?

Your dress? The venue/location of the wedding? The flowers? Your photos? The party afterward? 

Nowadays so many brides have the hardest time choosing between a more traditional wedding with all their family + friends or eloping and going somewhere super epic and breathtaking photos—I totally understand my friend!

Second Day sessions might just be an answered prayer.

About Second Day Session

First off— What the heck is a second-day session??

A second-day shoot is a session after the wedding day (a few days, weeks, or even months afterward) for the bride + groom to put their wedding attire back on  + go on an adventure!

This can be anywhere!! Some of my favorite places would be Moab, Utah (where the Arches are), Yosemite National Park, Bonneville Salt Flats, Crater Lake National Park, Northern Italy, New Zealand, or ANYWHERE!!

There are also really amazing places closer to home! For Arkansas, Petit Jean State Park, Mount Nebo State Park, White Rock Recreation, Mount Magazine State Park, just to name a few! 

Choosing A Second Day Session

Why would I want to have a second-day session??

The biggest pro to me is getting to spend the most time with your guest on your wedding day! This way you are guaranteed to have the couples session at a later date so you can enter your reception earlier + get to partying!! 

Another pro is getting the best of both worlds—having a wedding with all your people AND getting epic destination pictures!

Lastly, your hair + makeup will be fresh for the session, and lighting is guaranteed to be goooood!! During the wedding day, if you aren’t doing a first look, your hair and makeup will have time to fall or get oily, etc. Or if you do a first look, the light might not be the dreamy golden hour light. 

Having a second-day session is a must for me personally! If you are interested in what this would look like for you + your finance, shoot me a message!! I’d love to chat + dream with you <3

With love, 


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