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How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photos

July 14, 2023

This is a guest post presented by Shane Smith DDS

You and your partner got engaged? That’s great news — you really should celebrate! Still, this change
means you’ve got more than a few things to plan out. In fact, you’ll need to prep for your engagement
photos. You want to look nice as you announce your future wedding to everybody! Luckily, there
are great ways to ready yourself for the session. To find out about them, keep reading and see for

Pick Outfits Early

For starters, you and your beau/belle should pick outfits for the session early. Waiting until the last
minute will make you miss out on sweet perks.
Remember, settling your outfit early means an easier shoot. You’re likelier to go into it wearing
something flattering. Plus, you’ll have time to wash and iron your shirt, pants, dress, etc. It’s best not to
have wrinkled or stained clothes when photo time comes.

Get Your Ring Cleaned

Timing-wise, maybe it’s been a while since your engagement. If so, you may want to get your ring
cleaned before the photo shoot.
You’d be surprised at the difference a good ring cleaning makes. With a hot water soaking and dish
soap, that rock will be nice and sparkly in close-up photos! On the other hand, you can always give it to a
jeweler for professional polishing. They’d ensure your circlet gleams in any pictures taken.

Book a Visit to the Nail Salon

Viewers often focus on hands in engagement photos. That’s only natural — everyone wants to see the
happy couple clasping their fingers and showing off their ring. So, consider booking a visit to a nearby
nail salon.
After a fresh mani-pedi, you can feel confident in your pictures. Your nails will look as elegant and put-
together as the rest of you! As a side benefit, it’ll let you test out the nail color you might wear on your
wedding day.

See Your Local Dentist

Obviously, happy engagement photos have brilliant smiles. That said, seeing your local dentist before
the shoot is a good idea.
Given the right cosmetic work, a dental practice can make your grin gorgeous. Treatments like teeth
whitening and porcelain veneers correct all sorts of smile flaws! You can then trust your pearly whites
will shine in the session.

Photos can help others feel as happy about your engagement as you do. Since that’s the case, don’t
forget to prepare before taking them!

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