Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Time 

This can be HARD, there are so many different things to consider and think through on choosing your wedding ceremony time! From my point of view I think the most important things to consider when choosing the time is; if the wedding ceremony is inside or out, if you’re having a first look, what time is the sunsetting?

1. Is the ceremony inside or outside? 

Having it outside anytime between 10am to 3pm (depending on time of year + sunset time) will create weird shadows and lots of squinting eyes, because the middle of the day has the harshest sunlight. If it’s inside, you will have a lot more leniency

2.  Are you wanting a first look? 

If you don’t want a first look, all the family, wedding party, and your couples portraits will be after the ceremony. Most of the time we’re hoping to get all of these portraits in before sunset, so the ceremony would need to be early enough to plan for all these photos! If you are planning on having a first look, then you are good to have the ceremony time later in the day as the only photos you might get after the ceremony are sunset portraits! Again, this is very dependent on the sun and where it is!

3. What time is sunset? 

As mentioned in the previous points, you will need to know what time the sun is setting. This time will affect your ceremony time differently depending on what your previous two answers were. The earliest the sun would set is anywhere around 5pm, and the latest is anywhere around 8:30! 

For example, if you are having an outside wedding, doing a first look, and the sunsets at 7:45, then I would recommend your ceremony time being anywhere between 5:30pm or 6:30pm! It’s really dependent on where the sunset in relation to the ceremony location. If the sun will be behind a building, creating a shadow over everyone, then earlier is okay!

I pray this was so helpful for you!! I wish you all my best with planning!

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The Chapel at Ridgerunner
This wedding was late October and the ceremony was scheduled for 5:00pm. They did a first look, and we only had a few family portraits after the ceremony!
This wedding was mid September and the ceremony was at 4:00 pm. They did not do a first look, so we had all family, wedding party, and couples portraits afterwards.
This wedding was mid June and the ceremony was at 5:30pm. They did not do a first look!
Their wedding was mid May and the ceremony at 1:30pm. They had a first look!
The Chapel at Ridgerunner



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