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How to Prepare for your Branding Session

February 15, 2022

1 – Brainstorm + write out what your goal is for the shoot

Having a vision + purpose for your photoshoot gives you ground to run on to make it worth every penny. How will you be using the photos? What parts of your story are you wanting to tell? Are you preparing for a launch? Are you updating your website? 

Even if you have one simple goal, write it out! This will be your direction in the following 2 steps.

2 – Spend time getting familiar with your brand’s style

Think about your brand colors, the feel of your brand, and what your brand represents. This will guide you on location, what colors to wear, what props to include, etc. This is a vital step. You’re bringing your brand to life + telling your story, so if your brand is bright, colorful, Urban, then be sure to incorporate those colors in your clothing, and in a bright studio downtown. 

3 – Create a Pinterest board of inspiration and must-have shots

Once you have direction from your goal(s) and vision and your brand identity, then create a mood board on Pinterest. This will be your visual to bring to your photographer so they know exactly how your vision looks and what shots you are needing most. (Disclaimer – Your photographer has creative vision + direction to provide. This step is to ensure that y’all are on the same page + have the same expectations!)


Be sure to book your hair + makeup and nail appointments if you don’t want to do it yourself!

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