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How to Find a Location for Your Branding Shoot

March 9, 2022

The location plays a part in telling your brand story! It’s super important, so how do you find the perfect spot(s)? Finding a good location can feel hard and overwhelming or could be very simple. A few things to brainstorm and think through are the story you’re trying to tell/the inspiration for the shoot, think out of the box, and utilize your resources! 

1- Know your story and inspiration for the shoot

  • Write down elements of your brand story: How you came to be? What is your mission/vision? Elements of your personality? Then go through and circle or highlight the words that pop up you want to be sure to incorporate. Example: Bright + Colorful, Coffee, Reserved, Books, Simple, Nature, etc.
  • Go through Pinterest and save all the photos you love + would like to recreate an element of! Then take time to look back on the saved images and find the common trend. Example: Industrial, Green surroundings, Indoors or Out, etc.

2- Think out of the box

  • Now that we know what kind of location we’re searching for, think outside of the box. Are you wanting the homey feel, but don’t love the way your home looks? Let’s look at Airbnbs. Do you want industrial, but think your downtown is boring? Let’s look for other buildings with similar architecture. Sometimes the best thing you can do is drive around town or to a different town and just take a look. You might find the perfect hidden gem. 

3- Utilize your resources

  • Don’t have time to take a few hours to scout? Totally okay. Browse the area on Google Earth. For those of you who don’t know what Google Earth does, it’s basically 3 steps better than maps + satellite mode. It will show you the land type, the building, water spots, etc. with a realistic 3D overhead view. Another way is to reach out to people or businesses in the town or who have been to the area to get their feedback. Lastly, it’s important to think about time of day and where the sun will be. I use the Sun Seeker app to show me where I can expect the sun. Middle of the day or direct light are the hardest kinds of light to work with, so just keep that in mind!

I hope this was helpful! I would be happy to answer any or all questions you might have! If you want to book your branding session, I’d be happy to connect!

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